Bear tales

I have a French Bulldog, Creasy Bear. Reference being Denzel Washington in the movie Man on Fire – but with a much shorter body, batman ears and squishy nose that snores better than a man with emphysema.

Apparently, animals can take on some of your traits. I would laugh at this, but nonetheless if you look at me and the bear, there could be some truth to this from a state of mind. You would hope not by appearance.

Having bipolar disorder involves some manic episodes. Interestingly, the bear also seems to take this on.

So, the bear… He is adorable, but naughty.

We both become absolutely fixated on things.

Yesterday he began crying in the spare room. We found him with the wardrobe door slid open, half of his body in it and standing over a partly open cardboard box. Whilst he could have had access to this for a number of months, for some reason he decided today was the day and he wasn’t going to give in. The box had his favourite toy, Mr Oink. Mr Oink is possibly the most irritating toy he could have found. The effort to hide it had failed miserably. I am grateful the bear is not one to pull a rubbish bin over to search things, and this is apparently also the case with a box holding a favourite toy. I guess he has good manners? So, we pulled it out and left it open on the floor of the room to see if he could work out that he just needs to lean in and take it. Over 20 minutes later, he was still in the room crying, leaning over the box. At this point, I would have preferred an unmannered bear.

Obviously, I am a push over and ended up getting it out for him. I think I regretted that move instantly… He ran around the house throwing this irritating toy up in the air by its small pig feet and squeaking the whole time. He ran from room to room, I can only assume to try show anyone that may be around what he had. Up and down the stairs, diving on and off his bed and leaving a trail of drool along the way. Delightful. Lucky, he tends to just crash out completely after a while. Although he will never let his toy out of sight to be hidden again…



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