Hindsight is a magical word.

Merriam-Webster tells me that the definition of hindsight is: perception of the nature of an event after it has happened.

Hmm… That means I think and have understanding about a previous event? Well fuck me. I’m damn glad my brain is working and I’m not a robot.

Who doesn’t think about previous events? It’s called life, it’s life lessons. By lessons, I mean, you learn from the perceived failing or success and grow from it. Winning, yes?

So, what makes this bad boy negative? I’ll tell you what… when you have someone talking to you about how in hindsight, they would have stayed in a relationship – work or personal, when they were completely and utterly miserable… because they wouldn’t be in the financial position they are in now. Are you fucking serious? You would have stayed miserable in a shitty relationship rather than missing some bills?

Clearly, I read things a little differently. Clearly, I prefer a risk, rather than being more miserable. And I tell you what, I can be one miserable little woman at times. So, fuck you negative hindsight. Take some accountability for your actions and don’t make hindsight this shit of an excuse.

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