Burpees for swearing

I am generally not one for a New Year resolution, however for 2018 I thought I should try to limit my swearing. So, the deal is…

Every time I swear, I do 10 BURPEES.

I have checked what might constitute a curse word, and I have also checked if substitutions could be used. Contrary to Kristen Bell on The Good Place, it is not ok to use ‘Fork’, instead of ‘Fuck’.







My partner will kindly keep me honest, and no doubt enjoy keeping tally.

In seriousness there are some big positives in this:

  1. Obviously, my rate of swearing should decrease. This would mean I would need to be as intelligent as a toddler learning not to touch a hot stove. Simple, yes?
  2. It gets me moving. As I expressed in my routine post, I am completely lacking physical exercise now, which in turn has led to higher self-hate feelings.
  3. Possibly I’ll tone my muscles and lose weight. I have gained a significant amount of weight with medications, and unfortunately have not been lucky enough to find one I don’t.
  4. Exercise increases those happy endorphins.
  5. It helps reduce stress, anger and frustrations.
  6. It is a cheap, fun way of physical exercise. It should motivate to continue.

I am not saying burpees will save the day and cure bipolar, however I will advocate that exercise should help elevate some of the symptoms, especially the lows. 

It is now 2days into the year, and my tally is sitting at 90 burpees – that is after those already completely. At this rate I think I’ll have that bikini body next week.

I’ll keep you posted on how this is progressing, and any positives and negatives involved.



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